In the material handling world, safety is a must. One of the most common afterthoughts in this regard is the pallet rack safety pin or safety clip. These pieces, which vary in shape, size, and style, keep beams attached to frames, resisting forces that would otherwise dislodge the beam and cause failure. There are certainly popular safety clips that we see more requests for than others. With that being said…

We often have dealers returning to us for these popular safety clips after initial purchases. Typically, manufacturers supply clips with the beam, but situations often arise where over time, these OEM clips are damaged, broken, or lost in the shipping and/or installation process.

If you utilize a wide variety of pallet rack manufacturers, these are 11 clips that you should have in your inventory.

Universal Drop Pin (and 2.0)

The universal drop pin is one of the most popular safety clips on the market. These clips are used in conjunction with the OEM clip and ensure security if the original clip fails. Commonly referred to as a J-Pin, these clips fit all 3/8” diameter holes, and simply drop into the beam-frame connector hole. We also offer a 2.0 version, which is a thicker, sturdier version of the original. It fits 1/2” aligning holes and has a larger diameter as well.

Steel King Teardrop Pallet Rack Clip

Besides the universal drop pin, the Steel King teardrop is the most versatile pallet rack clip on the market. Even though it is designed for Steel King teardrop racking, it is also compatible with most other teardrop styles of rack. It’s extremely secure and not easily disengaged.

Unarco T-Bolt Pallet Rack Clip

The Unarco T-Bolt clip is a one-piece clip designed in a nut-bolt style. This clip installs in the front of the frame and locks it into place with a simple turn. Many in the industry believe the connection created is one of the more rigid solutions in the pallet rack landscape.

Republic Keystone Pallet Rack Clip

Teardrop-style is king in the material handling world. However, we do receive many inquiries for keystone-style pallet rack. This is where the Republic keystone style comes in. The hook end of this clip attaches on the inside ear of the beam and attaches to the upright through the aligning holes in both.

Speedrack Spring Clip

The Speedrack Spring Clip is a similar design to the Republic keystone but is meant for teardrop-style selective racking. The install is slightly different too, as the clip hooks on the top and outside of the beam ear and engages the frame through the front. It’s easy to identify from different clips, as Speedrack stamps their logo on the clip.

SpaceRak Old and New Style Clips

SpaceRak was a leader in the industry when they released their old style clip. It was one of the first teardrop beam clips made, and it was made specifically for old style Spacerak beams and frames. The new style is more universal, in that it can fit multiple teardrop style frames and beams. The design is particularly unique, as it features an open face on both old and new styles.

Republic Galvanized Shelving Clip 2

When it comes to popular safety clips, the Republic shelf clip 2 is certainly one of them. Republic makes several different clips for shelving and pallet racking. This clip is similar to their half-shelf clip except that it is shorter in length and has two tabs that lock into corresponding slots on the shelving.

Equipto V-Grip Shelving Clip

Equipto’s V-Grip line of shelving is one of the more versatile lines of shelving on the market. Posts have a triangular design that allows for higher capacity, with a cleaner appearance on the outside-facing portion of the post. The clip’s V-shape matches the post perfectly to create a secure connection.

Tri-Boro 1 Galvanized Clip

Finally, the Tri-Boro 1 clip is compatible with Tri-Boro’s box and offset angle shelving posts. Box posts are flat, and at a glance look to be two ‘layered’ pieces, while the angle posts look like two pieces, with the front-facing and side-angled piece creating a right angle. Due to the popularity of Tri-Boro products, we always have these clips in stock.

We are in the business of helping our dealers be as successful as possible. When it comes to safety clips, we have a large inventory and can help with any questions you might have. Need help identifying a mystery clip? Our team can take care of that in minutes. Put our decades of experience to the test!

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