Pallet rack is an expensive investment, and it is one that you want to protect from damage.  Although there are several ways to do this including reinforcing uprights, utilizing end of row rack protectors and increasing forklift training, there is a low-cost simple way to add protection: Column Protectors.

Wikipedia provides a comprehensive definition of column protectors:

Column protectors, also known as post protectors, are protective shields that can be installed around the base of an upright to minimize damage where forklifts might hit the upright. Damage to the base of a column can weaken the entire frame and could cause it to collapse.  Column protectors are made of various materials such as polyethylene, ductile iron casting, and other durable materials.

Column protectors are typically stocked in heights of 12″, 18″ and 24″, but custom heights such as 48″ tall protectors can be ordered.  The most common type of protectors are shown below: floor mounted, column mounted and notched column protectors.   For all applications, it is important to make sure the column protector you are requesting will work on your existing uprights.  Some column protectors can only be used on specific brands of pallet rack.

Wholesale Pallet Rack Products can help you choose the right column protector for your application, and we have several in stock to choose from.  Let us know how we can help!  Call 888-578-1579 or e-mail us.

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