Selective/Structural Pallet Rack Systems are fabricated using hot-rolled structural steel channels for both the cross beams and upright frames. They are strong and rigid and designed to be used in the drive in / drive thru pallet storage applications, offering immediate access to every pallet load.

These pallet rack systems come in a variety of sizes and capacities with the option of bolted or slotted beam connections. They are covered with a durable powder coating and baked enamel finishes, providing lasting protection that will stand up to the harshest conditions.

Following is the standard information we ask our customers when quoting a Selective/Structural Pallet Rack System:

•What material is being stored? What size is the material? Is it individual boxes or on pallets? What are the overall dimensions, WxDxH?

•What is the weight of each box or pallet?

•How many boxes or pallets are required per level and how many levels?

•How much space is available for the pallet rack system?

•Is it against a wall or are there other obstructions such as sprinkler systems?

•Is the material located outside, in a cooler or a corrosive environment?

•Are any accessories required?  Wire decks, column guards, safety bars, shims, anchors, etc.

When quoting pallet rack for pallet storage, this is a useful diagram to figure out the size of the frames and beams:

How to quote PALLET RACK

The frame depth is typically 6” less than the depth of the pallet.  This allows a 3” overhang on the front and rear of the system to help ensure the forklift driver sets the pallet on both beams.

The frame height is determined by the number of levels, 4” lift off per level, the beam height per level, and the pallet height.  For example:

3 levels
Pallets 40” high
Beam profile 4” high

40” + 4” + 4” = 48” first level + 48” second level + 48” third level = minimum 144” tall frame

The beam width is determined by the number of pallets per level, the width of the pallet, 5” space between the pallet and the frame on both ends and 6” space between pallets. For example:

2 pallets per level
40” wide pallet

5” + 40” + 6” + 40” + 5” = 96” wide beam

Frame profile is determined by required capacity based on number of pallets per level, weight per pallet and maximum vertical beam spacing.  Here is an example of a RUR frame capacity chart.

Pallet Rack Fram Capacities


3 levels
2 pallets per level with 2500# per pallet
48” maximum vertical beam spacing

2500# x 2 = 5000# per level x 3 levels = 15000# requirement per bay
RUR 31I frame can be used which provides 16,700# capacity

Beam profile is determined by required capacity based number of pallets per level, weight per pallet and beam width.  Here is an example of an RUR beam capacity chart:

Pallet Rack Beam Capacities


2 pallets per level with 2500# per pallet
96” wide beam

2500# x 2 = 5000# beam, per the chart, we require a 410 S profile

At WPRP, Our Goal is to Help You and if you have additional questions about how to quote a Selective/Structural Pallet Rack System, do not hesitate to contact us. Our Pallet Rack Specialists are happy to help you through the quoting process.