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Dating back almost 15 years now, WPRP Wholesale Pallet Rack Products has made it’s name in the Material Handling industry a prominent one. WPRP is especially known amongst forklift dealers and pallet rack resellers, often being reffered to as being an honest, trusted and valuable source for their pallet rack and wire deck needs.

WPRP began in a simple office in Maple Grove, MN by offering a small network of local forklift dealers with discounted pallet racking and wire mesh decking and providing  great service and attention to detail. A large inventory, great service and attention to detail have become the three pillars that WPRP proudly stands on today. With the motto “Our goal is to help you”, we have now proudly grown our dealer network nationally even shipping pallet rack out of the country and over seas for our clients. WPRP also humbily supplied a long time distributor with pallet rack for the United States Armed Forces to be used in aid of the Global War on Terrorism.

Minnesota Pallet Racking

8630 Monticello Lane N. Maple Grove, MN 55369

Minnesota pallet rack – in stock

Pallet rack manufacturers are typically set up for production lead times and may not have quick ship inventories. That is where WPRP has answered the call. With great relationships with multiple storage rack manufacturers, WPRP has loaded up it’s Minnesota warehouse with pallet rack and wire mesh decking to provide 24 – 48 hour shipments for our customers.

Minnesota Pallet Rack Upright Frames

With depths ranging from 24″ deep to 48″ deep and heights from 72″ to 300″ high, we have equipped our upright inventory over the years to one of the largest varieties in the nation. We focus a majority of our upright inventory on the common upright sizes including: 36″ x 144″, 42″ x 120,  42″ x 144″, 42″ x 168″, 42″ x 192″, 42″ x 240″, 48″ x 144″, 48″ x 192″, and 48″ x 240″. View our entire frame list here: Minnesota Pallet Racking Inventory  or request access to our Online Dealer Pricing here.

Minnesota Pallet Rack Cross Beams

Our pallet rack cross beam inventory is second to none. We take great pride in always having pallet rack cross beams in stock. With typically 10,000 “New” pallet rack teardrop beams in our Minnesota inventory, our in stock beams can meet the needs of your project small or large. Our inventory offers a variety of beam lengths ranging from 48″ to 144″ long. Different beam capacities are available for the most common size beams. View our entire cross beam list here: Minnesota Pallet Racking Inventory  or request access to our Online Dealer Pricing here.

Minnesota Pallet Rack Wire Decking

Wire decking is an essential safety compontent to a pallet rack system. Being less than 1/2 hour from the J&L Wire factory, WPRP has unofficially become the J&L Wire #1 Quick Ship location. We offer a wide variety of wire mesh decks sizes for all of the rack systems that we offer. We match our wire deck inventory to our large pallet rack inventory, stocking all main size wire decks for quick ship. Our most common wire deck is the 42″ x 46″ Wire Deck. If you are interested in pricing or for a full list of our sizes visit: Minnesota Pallet Racking Inventory  or request access to our Online Dealer Pricing here.

Minnesota Used / Pre – Owned Pallet Rack

minnesota used pallet racking

With two large warehouses located at 8630 Monticello Lane N in Maple Grove, MN, we are able to stock used pallet racking at wholesale pricing as well. WPRP understands part of the pallet rack business is relocating customers from one facility to the other. Often times companies sell their old rack system because it is not suitable for their new location. WPRP works closely with their distribtors helping them take care of their clients by purchasing the excess racking. We then bring it into our warehouse in Maple Grove and offer it at wholesale pricing.

Styles, Sizes, and Quantities are always changing with our used pallet rack inventory so please let us know if you have a request that we can help you with. A great tool that we have created to identify Used Pallet Rack is our Pallet Rack Identifier. Dealers use this tool to idenitify racking while in a clients facility.

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