Today many factors go into designing a Pallet Racking System. And no matter what you design and install, you must always have a solid foundation. A foundation helps keep your floors level and surface for your anchor bolts to grip when drilled into the floor. If you have ever assembled anything on an uneven surface, it is nearly impossible to keep it from collapsing. This same process goes with installing Pallet Rack Uprights. These baseplates, sometimes called footplates as they are considered the feet of the upright, must meet the 1.4.7 of ANSI MH16.1 Specification for the design, testing, and Utilization of Industrial Steel Storage Racks.


What is a Pallet Rack Baseplate?











Pallet Rack baseplates are metal plates that are factory installed at the bottom of the column post. They have predrilled holes that accept anchor bolts for securing to the warehouse floor. These often vary in size based on the application and the Manufacturer. Tip – Baseplates include extra holes in the event during the install process an obstruction in the floor is hit, such as reinforcement. 

When is a Pallet Rack Baseplate Not Enough?









The baseplate can do its job independently in a perfectly level environment, but not all warehouse floors are level. If that is the case, a pallet rack shim is needed. A shim is a metal plate with the same footprint as the baseplate that helps to level the rack system if installed on an irregular surface. The size and type of footplates installed determine shim sizes.

Why are Baseplates Necessary?











Baseplates are a necessary component of pallet rack systems because they anchor the pallet rack to the warehouse floor. They create a safe and stable system by disbursing the weight of the frame down into the floor. Baseplates also keep the shelves from moving, leaning, and tipping. When properly installed, all systems can benefit from the extra stability and peace of mind they provide.

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