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Steel King Racking

When was the last time you or a customer of yours had a question about a pallet rack brand that you couldn’t answer? If you’re like most of us, you don’t have to think back too far. There are a lot of material handling manufacturers and a lot of information out there. That’s why we’re back at it with the second installment in our guide to pallet rack manufacturers.

In this article, we’re going to cover Steel King. There’s a lot of information to take in, so we’ve linked to different sections of the article below. As always, our goal is to help you. We hope you find this information useful in your search for more information!

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Roll Formed Selective Rack

Structural Pallet Rack

Safety Products and Accessories

Pallet Rack Systems

Steel King Racking Overview

Steel King’s headquarters are located in the city of Stevens Point in central Wisconsin. Along with the Stevens Point location, Steel King has manufacturing facilities in New London, Wisconsin and Rome, Georgia.

Since their start in 1970, Steel King has become the nation’s fourth-largest rack manufacturer. While the Steel King product menu includes an array of accessories, safety products, and specialty items, pallet racking is the keystone product. Steel King is active in material handling organizations like MHI, RMI, and MHEDA.

Roll Formed Selective Pallet Rack


Steel King offers four main selective pallet rack lines: the SK2000, SK2500, SK3000, and SK4000 series. Chief among these is the boltless teardrop model, the SK2000.

Steel King SK2000

Two visible features that help to quickly distinguish SK2000 from other teardrop pallet rack lines are the shape of the teardrop slots and the built-in safety clip. Until recently, the safety clip was fastened to the beam after the beam was painted. The metallic finish of the clip contrasted against the beam paint behind it.

Possibly the most-emphasized selling point in the SK2000 arsenal is its closed tube design. What does this mean? Instead of having an open back, as most frame columns do, Steel King’s upright columns are a fully closed, 360-degree steel tube. This extra inch and a half of material, according to Steel King, significantly improves impact and twist resistance. The bracing channels are also closed-tube.

Other features that are listed include heavy-gauge steel construction, three-and four-rivet beam connections, and powder coat finish.

Steel King SK2500

The SK2500 series refers to Steel King’s bolt-together closed-tube model. It’s made of roll formed steel components that bolt together, in contrast with the boltless teardrop SK2000. It’s commonly found in push back, pallet flow, and drive in rack systems.


Structural Pallet Rack

Steel King’s structural pallet rack offering can be divided into two product lines: SK3000 structural channel pallet rack and SK4000 structural tubular rack.

SK3000 structural racking is comprised of hot-rolled channel steel. As a modular system, it can be deployed in a variety of different storage applications. SK3000 structural channel rack often provides the foundation for Steel King’s dynamic storage systems, such as push back rack and pallet flow rack. It’s also commonly used for drive in rack, a system in which the forklift operator needs to drive into the system itself. In situations like this, structural pallet rack stands up more reliably to forklift impacts than roll formed steel.

For applications requiring ultra-heavy-duty storage capacity, SK4000 is available. With frames capable of supporting upwards of 70,000 pounds, SK4000 racking provides strength well beyond what most situations require. Still, there are some applications that depend on that kind of strength, such as rack-supported buildings or heavy equipment storage. Steel King also offers a modified version of the SK4000 product specifically for use in the food industry. This version has diamond-shaped bracing and a minimum number of holes, designed to prevent debris buildup.

Rack Safety, Accessories and Other Products


Digging past their flagship pallet rack products, we get to Steel King’s line of safety products, pallet rack accessories, and containers. 

For the safety-conscious, Steel King offers a fairly robust selection of warehouse safety products and accessories. These include the Guard Dawg (now available as part of our 48-hour quick ship program) and other guardrail variations, safety gates, column protectors, pallet load stop beams, the Column Core, and more. For more information on Steel King warehouse safety products, get in touch with us.

It’s also worth mentioning Steel King’s corrugated steel container products. For general storage purposes, Steel King makes three different containers: round corner containers, rigid containers, and collapsible containers. The rigid containers provide a 2,000# upgrade in capacity from the round corner containers and can be made to custom sizes.As their name suggests, collapsible containers can be folded down to a lower profile in order to save space. All three container types are stackable. 

The final product category we’ll cover in this section is Steel King’s portable racks. Within this category, you’ll find coil racks, pin racks, bar racks, and portable stack racks.

Coil racks are designed to store coils with diameters up to 72 inches.

Pin racks are customizable racks made to store stampings and other flat products that are stacked.

Bar racks are long, stackable racks used for storing long, heavy products like steel or tubing.

Stac-King racks are stackable storage racks aimed at providing a customizable and flexible storage system that can quickly be rearranged based on the end user’s needs.

Steel King Pallet Rack Systems

Like many rack manufacturers, Steel King includes pallet rack systems in addition to their popular selective rack products. Push back rack, drive in racking, cantilever rack, pallet flow, and pick modules are all found in Steel King’s catalog. Even work platforms are available through Steel King, though it’s not a product they’re well known for.

Interested in learning more about Steel King pallet rack or need to quote a project? Send us an email or give us a call, our goal is to help you! A member of our team will be ready to help with questions and provide information. We hope to see you back for the next article in our pallet rack manufacturer series.