Pallet Rack Types

WPRP offers nearly every pallet rack type under the sun for material handling wholesalers like you. We provide a wide array of storage solutions and warehousing expertise so you can better help your customers. 

Here are some of the pallet rack types you can get wholesale at WPRP:

Pallet Rack Types

Pallet rack types vary by rack size, style, and system type. Standard pallet rack systems include selective pallet racking, push-back racks, drive-in racking, pallet flow racks, carton flow, structural pallet racking, and cantilever racking. Buy any traditional pallet rack systems wholesale through WPRP. 

WPRP offers automated pallet rack systems like vertical reciprocating conveyors, ASRS systems, shuttle systems, and robotics. Above and beyond offering all these systems, we can help you design and engineer an automated pallet rack system for any application, big or small. 

Finally, we offer industrial systems like mezzanines, modular offices, steel shelving, and more. 

Roll Formed and Structural Pallet Racking

Structural rack is manufactured from thick, hot rolled steel channel and is highly damage-resistant. This type of pallet racking is often found in ultra-heavy-duty applications because of its excessive beam capacity. 

Roll form rack is manufactured through roller dies that bend steel into the desired column shape. Each bend in the steel increases the frame’s rigidity. That said, roll formed racking is typically less resistant to damage and, therefore, a more affordable option.   

Read more about structural vs. roll formed pallet rack.

Welded and Bolted Pallet Racking

There are two main roll form and structural pallet rack types: welded and bolted. Both welded and bolted racking can come in different styles, such as teardrop pallet racks, slotted racking, and more.

Welded pallet racking comes pre-manufactured with welded frames and beams that do not require assembly upon arrival. Frame components like footplates and lacing channels are welded to the upright and shipped in one piece.

Bolted pallet racking requires assembly once it arrives at the warehouse. The frames are bolted together rather than welded. WPRP offers both bolted and welded rack styles. 

New and Used Pallet Racking

Buy new and used pallet racking wholesale at WPRP. We find and purchase high-quality used pallet racking, so you don’t have to worry about rack damage or quality concerns. 

Not all pallet rack is teardrop-style, as you can see from our pallet rack identifier. We offer used in many different styles – Keystone, Slotted, and Speedrack are common styles still being manufactured today.

Call us to learn what used racking we have available. You can purchase many of the pallet rack types listed above, new or used, from WPRP. 

Heavy-Duty and Light-Duty Pallet Racking

Pallet racking comes in multiple sizes and capacities to store more or fewer products. Heavy-duty pallet racking holds large, heavy loads, while light-duty racks often store light products or hand-stacked items.

There are also high-density storage options to consider when purchasing pallet racking. High-volume warehouses will benefit from this and narrow aisle storage.

Buy both heavy-duty and light-duty pallet rack types at WPRP.

Pallet Rack Types From Many Manufacturers

We stock Steel King and Ridg-U-Rak pallet racking and offer pallet rack types from many other manufacturers. For a complete list of our pallet rack manufacturers and their products, visit our manufacturer page

Other WPRP Storage Systems

Additional WPRP storage products include:

  • Steel shelving
  • Pallet rack guards
  • Guardrail
  • Wire decking
  • Wire enclosures
  • Cabinets
  • Mezzanines
  • Safety gates

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