Keeping Your Pallet Rack Upright and Secure

Pallet Rack Wall Ties for Pallet Racking

Pallet Rack Wall Ties

This week’s installment of #RackArt is a cool perspective of Wall Ties. A pallet rack wall tie is used on the pallet racking to connect the rack system to the physical structure behind the racking.

If your customer has a pallet rack system with a height of more than six times its depth, and is worried about rack sway or tipping, wall ties are the solution that will offer increased stability for that system.

Although wall ties are easily bolted to the upright frame and anchored directly to the wall, always be sure that the anchor wall can support the load of the pallet rack. The recommended installation is two ties per upright frame.

The wall ties pictured in our #RackArt this week have a round hole for slotted pallet rack and a square hole for tear drop pallet rack. They are of solid steel construction that resists damage from forklift collision and the galvanized coating prevents corrosion.

Wall ties are in stock and ready to ship from our Minnesota Pallet Rack Quick Ship location. Contact one of our Pallet Rack Specialist today, if your customer can benefit from the increased stability of a wall tie.