Wire Decks Part 1: Why Should Your Customer Choose Wire Decking for Their Pallet Rack System?

pallet-rack-deckingWhy should your customer choose wire decking? For safety, ease of use and efficiency. Wire Mesh Decking works in conjunction with pallet rack to provide uniform support and safety to the pallet rack system. Wire deck is durable and the benefits far outweigh other types of shelving. Wire decking does not warp or splinter and will not break down over time. Wire decking will not become musty or grow mold in damp or humid environments.

Wire decking may even help to lower insurance premiums. In fact, a growing number of fire codes require wire decking rather than plywood or particle board. Wire decks are fire resistant and help overhead sprinklers to operate more efficiently, allowing heat to reach the sprinklers and water to pass through all levels to the ground. In the event of a fire, having wire deck in your customer’s warehouse can greatly reduce the severity of inventory loss.

Because wire mesh decking is not a solid surface, light passes through and increases the brightness of the warehouse. It promotes inventory visibility and cleanliness, as dust and dirt cannot build up on the grid surface.

Wire decking is easy to install. It weighs about 20 lbs and just drops into place, but don’t let it’s lightweight nature fool you. Wire deck offers a strong, durable base, with 2,500 lbs capacity of evenly distributed weight -and – it is maintenance free.

The use of wire decking promotes better air circulation throughout the warehouse. Since the levels are not solid, heating and cooling systems are able to operate more efficiently.

Wire deck is cost efficient and provides an excellent storage solution. Contact our Pallet Rack Specialists if you want to learn more about how wire mesh decking can add safety and value to your customer’s warehouse. Our goal is to help you!