What is a Pallet Support Bar?

Pallet support bars are essential to keep inventory secure and increase the structural integrity of pallet rack storage systems while supporting the bottom of the pallet.

Moreover, pallet supports are ideal for warehouse operators looking to decrease the likelihood of pallets falling through their system without outfitting their rack system with wire decking.

In addition, support bars provide greater strength than plywood and promote airflow and sprinkler access throughout the warehouse.

Support bars also help to hold the weight of the pallet, mainly when a forklift driver does not rest the pallet on both the front and rear beams. The more pallet supports you have, the safer your inventory will be.


Is There a Difference Between a Pallet Support Bar and a Beam?

A pallet support bar is different than a pallet racking beam. Pallet support beams provide the horizontal shelf in a pallet rack system. This allows employees to store multiple levels of inventory safely and efficiently within the space. While a pallet support bar connects from one beam to the other to provide more significant support to the actual pallet being stored.

Why Would I Need to Use a Pallet Support Bar?

Pallet support bars come in standard pallet racking systems and distribute weight evenly for stored items. This helps prevent rack damage from pallets or loads falling through the system.

Is a Pallet Support Bar the Same as a Crossbar?

Yes. A crossbar is another term used interchangeably with the term pallet support bar. In the material handling industry, you will often hear many different terms for the same product.

How Many Pallet Supports Should I Use?

When storing items on pallet racks, you’ll need at least two pallet supports under each pallet. The wider your rack is the more pallets and supports you’ll need.

For example, if you have a 12ft wide rack, you’d need at least six pallet supports for three pallets stored.

Do Pallet Supports Increase Safety?

Pallet support bars help hold the weight of the pallet, which in turn helps to avoid injury for warehouse or facility workers. It will also ensure that your inventory remains in optimal condition and unbroken.

Do Pallet Supports Replace Wire Decks?

You can use either or, or both, depending on your product and application.

Can you use both wire decks and pallet supports?

Pallet supports and wire decks can be used in tandem. This is true when additional capacity or stability is needed in addition to wire decks.

Wire decks and pallet supports make a great storage design as they are fire-resistant, which adds to the safety of the storage facility.

Wire decks are slightly easier for workers to handle and are simpler to install than pallet support.

Pallet supports have to be placed strategically to maintain their efficacy. However, the best option may be to use pallet supports combined with wire decks in certain situations.

J&L 48 x 46 Wire Deck

Are There Different Manufacturers of Pallet Support Bars?

There are many different manufacturers of pallet support bars located all over the country.

Pallet rack manufacturers like Ridg-U-Rak®, Steel King, and SpaceRak sell pallet rack supports for various pallet rack designs.

However, pay attention to the materials used in the support beams and bar. Wood pallet supports are less optimal than steel since steel pallet supports have increased longevity and fire resistance.

Do Pallet Supports Work on All Brands and Styles of Racking?

Pallet supports are not universal, so it is vital to know the brand of pallet rack you have.

In addition, there are cases where pallet supports may lock into the beams, sit in the step between the beams, or flange over the top of the beam. If you’re choosing wire decks, the pallet support must be complementary so that inventory stays in its intended position.

Pallet support bars are essential to warehouse safety, as well as the longevity of your stored materials.

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