ProMat 2015

ProMat 2015 – Keys to Maximizing Your Time at ProMat on “Would You Like Fries with That” featuring Linda Anlauf and Josh Smith.

Over the next 60 seconds, Josh Smith will discuss five key points to help you get the most out of your ProMat 2015 experience.

[Video Transcript]

Josh: Hi, I’m Josh Smith. Welcome to our WPRP video mini series, “Would You lIke Fries With That”. Today I’m really excited, why? Because we are going to talk about some key points that you need when attending ProMat 2015 and how you are going to prepare to get ready.
Number One: You need to have a plan. That means writing down a list of the manufacturers and the customers that you want to meet.
Two: Notify you network. How are you going to notify your network? By email campaign or by adding a little signature at the bottom of your emails that says, “Hey! We are at the show and we want to meet up!”
Three: Have a social strategy. That means, incorporate hashtags (#) on all of your social posts.
Four: Utilize available education. The education is unbelievable! There are lots of classes available and on Monday, you can attend the MHEDA Connections Conference.
Lastly, let’s execute your plan. Take everything that you have written down and execute it and have a successful show.
Josh: I’m Josh Smith and I look forward to seeing you at ProMat 2015. Make sure to tune in on Google +, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


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