logoRMI, the Rack Manufacturers Institute, Inc., is a trade association group that provides a set of standards for the Material Handling Industry to follow. They are responsible for developing the highest safety standards for storage rack, structural systems and welded wire rack decking. In 1964 the RMI published  “Minimum Engineering Standards for Industrial Storage Racks.” To keep up with the safety needs of a fast growing industry and the evolving size and design of rack systems, the RMI has published specifications to replace its original standards. After submission and review, the specifications were accepted by the American National Standard Institute

RMI Standards and Specifications

Companies that are RMI certified are committed to following these standards and specifications and by doing so, provide buyers with the security of knowing that they are purchasing a quality product from companies that follow the best design practices. An RMI Certified company is set apart from others, because of their commitment to high professional and ethical standards.

R-Mark-RMI-255x300R-Mark Certification Program

In 1999, the RMI members created the R-Mark Certification Program so that users could clearly identify that products carrying the R-Mark are in compliance with the RMI Specification. To obtain the R-Mark license for a product, data and information about the product, as well as testing information, is submitted to independent, professional engineers for approval. All tests and load capacities must be consistent with the RMI/ANSI Specification. A company must submit this information on products individually, as the R-Mark is issued per product, not company.

Useful Tool

The RMI website is a great tool for manufactures and distributors. It provides a listing of the RMI members as well as companies that carry R-Mark Certified products. The vast FAQ section covers questions on general issues, as well as design, codes, permitting and installation. It offers ordering information on literature and includes an RMI glossary.