What are Double Column Frames

Double columns are a great way to add impact resistance, frame protection, and frame capacity to your warehouse racking. Selective pallet rack frames typically have a front column and a rear column tied together by welded lacing channels. You can weld a second column to the back of a front column and rear column in certain circumstances. There are a few reasons for this.

double column frame freshly installed in a new warehouse

Impact Resistance

The first reason to use a double column is for impact resistance. It’s almost impossible to avoid accidental damage by a forklift. Many warehouses have narrow aisles to maximize floor space for their pallet rack, and forklift traffic is high. For this reason, it is beneficial to use accessories or enhancements to protect your pallet rack frames. Using these will keep your team members safe from a rack collapse and protect your pallet rack financial investment.

Frame Protection

Frame protection can come in many different forms, such as floor-mounted column protectors, bolted column protectors, end-of-aisle guards, internal column reinforcement, and, you guessed it, double columns.

How Double Columns Impact Frame Protection

Welding two columns together provides additional strength for the upright to combat impact by a forklift. Often the double column is only used on the side of the pallet rack bay that encounters forklift traffic. The height of the double column can be different for each warehouse application. It is best to determine where the most forklift traffic occurs and choose a double column height that spans slightly above this.

Frame Capacity

The second reason to use a double column is to increase the frame’s capacity. Using heavier gauge steel to form the column or adding a welded column to the front and rear column of the frame can increase frame capacity. This differs from impact resistance because only one column must be doubled on the forklift traffic side.

double column pallet rack frame example

How Double Columns Help Gain Frame Capacity

Both the front and rear columns need to have a double column to the same height to gain capacity. Typically, the taller the double column, the more capacity is gained. Are you wondering whether it is less expensive to use heavier gauge steel for the frame or to use a double column to achieve the desired frame capacity? Each manufacturer’s frames have a different capacity rating, so this is best to review with their engineering department.

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