WPRP Pallet Rack Safety Clips Blog


As one of the premier pallet rack wholesalers in the country, WPRP is here to serve the needs of our dealers from a supply and education standpoint. One often-overlooked area for dealers to take into consideration working with customers is rack safety and the implementation of pallet rack clips. When it comes to securing racking, safety clips are a vital component in keeping racking safe and upright.

It’s easy to forget about these clips – often small and relatively hidden on beams and frames. The role they play is critical, however. Pallet rack clips secure beams to upright frames, preventing collapse and dislodgment in the event of a collision or forklift movement in the loading and picking processes.

As a quick education tool, here are some things to note about pallet rack clips:

image of Universal Pallet Rack Drop Pin 2.0
Our Universal Pallet Rack Drop Pin 2.0
  • Individual manufacturers have unique clips

All new beams usually come with an OEM clip specific to the style and manufacturer. For example, Steel King’s clips are very different from the Ridg-U-Rak’s clips. It’s important to identify your rack and clip when inspecting racking.

  • Clips are easily damaged

While most clips are in place on new racking, there are a lot of things that can affect their viability. It is not uncommon for clips to be damaged, or knocked off completely in the installation process. The same can be said for the typical wear and tear of racking. Continuous forklift contact can also lead to the need to replace or fortify clips.

  • Additional security is recommended

Because of the wear and tear that racking endures, it is recommended that additional clips are utilized. At WPRP, we offer the Universal Pallet Rack Drop Pin and it’s larger, sturdier edition (the 2.0) in our quick ship program. Both of these clips are compatible with most pallet rack manufacturers and ensure safety in the event OEM clips are damaged or knocked off.

At WPRP, we’ve also put together a few videos highlighting some of these clips. We’ve included these on our YouTube channel in a special playlist to help educate our dealers (embedded below). As always, we recommend that you regularly inspect racking for damage or missing clips to make sure your racking is up to code.

For more information on our quick ship program, head here. As always, our goal is to help you!