How many times have you heard the word Keystone? What does it mean? Are we talking pallet rack terms? Let’s go back to where Keystone originally started….with Republic Storage Systems.

According to Republic Storage Systems, “All columns are singly symmetric channels with lips and punched with a single row of keystone slots in the front face that the lugs on the beam clips fit into. Holes are punched on both sides of the column, offset from the keystones, for the beam safety clips to snap into to prevent accidental dislodgement of the beam. Columns are available in 3” height increments. The keystones and holes are punched on 3”centers, which means the beams are adjustable in 3” increments. All columns are made of ASTM A-1011/A Structural Quality Hot Rolled Steel, having a minimum yield point of 50,000 psi.”

Over the years, many Manufacturers have started to make the Keystone Style Pallet racking:

Republic Storage Systems
Speedrack Products
Wireway Husky Corporation

Bulldog Rack Co.

Each Manufacturer offers slightly different options.  For example, some are powder coated, others have a 1.5″ vertical step and others make a 1 piece beam.  We have come across all type of brands and makes.

The most common question we receive is “Are these all compatible?” Not all the manufacturers are compatible, so it’s extremely important to measure your existing Keystone Pallet Racking. For example, measure the distance from the footplate to the bottom of the first keystone hole and from the bottom of one keystone hole to the bottom of the next keystone hole.  This will allow the manufacturer to determine if they match the existing system.

Next time you have a inquiry for Keystone, this will give you a little more information and the right questions to ask to get your customer what they need.  If you are having trouble identifying your pallet racking, reference our Pallet Rack Dealer Tool Kit.

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