Guide to Nashville Wire Products


“I didn’t know they made those.”

“Those are available in quick ship?”

“My customer needs a custom product, will that brand work?”


These are questions we hear all the time, sometimes even from ourselves. The world of material handling products is growing fast and isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Our goal is to help you by making that world just a little smaller through education.

When you’re working on a wire decking application for your customer, there are a lot of factors at play and it’s important to know which manufacturer will have the best solution for that project. That’s why we’re excited to dive into our second wire decking manufacturers guide, this time taking a look at Nashville Wire.


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Nashville Wire Products Overview

Nashville Wire Decking

Wire Deck Capacity Ratings

Perforated Decking

Nashville Wire Accessories and Other Components

Nashville Wire Products Overview

We like getting the backstory on material handling manufacturers because it helps us understand their current products and services better.Nashville Wire Products

Nashville Wire’s history goes back to 1920s Nashville when C.B. Rollins started a tool and die shop in his brother’s garage. In the almost century-long journey to the present day, the company had some interesting stops, including manufacturing hinge bolts for artillery boxes and a successful foray into retail display.

Along the line, Nashville Wire became known for their material handling products. While Nashville is still producing retail display and commercial appliance products, we’ll be covering the material handling side of things.

Nashville Wire Decking

Nashville U-channel wire deck

For many material handling dealers, the most common NWP product they’ll be offering is the wire deck. It’s a staple of our Pennsylvania quick ship selection. A distinctive feature of Nashville Wire Products is the availability of custom options. Whether in the form of custom colors, dimensions, mesh patterns, or fabrication, the array of options available make them an appealing choice for applications requiring custom decks. 

Channel Options

The support channels are the main source of wire decks’ strength, so it makes sense to consider support channels when quoting your customer. We’ve outlined the channel options available from Nashville Wire Products and their potential uses.

Standard U-Channel

Standard U-channel decks, also known as step decks, are the most popular form of wire decking in today’s material handling market. U-channel decks provide greater strength than flare channel decks and fit the majority of step beams. 

Inverted U-Channel

Inverted U-channel decks are designed to avoid collecting dust and debris. Decks with inverted channels are especially popular in food and beverage applications.

Standard Flared Channel

Flared channel decks are commonly called “universal flare” decks because they’re designed to fit any beam, including “box” beams that have no step. What flare channel decks offer in versatility they often lose in strength, as flare channel decks are usually

Inverted Flared Channel

Like inverted U-Channel decks, inverted flare channel decks are designed to keep debris from piling up in the channels, making them ideal for end users in the food and beverage distribution industry.

Flat Flush

Flat flush decks work well in hand stack operations because they sit neatly between the cross beams. They lack the “waterfall” edge that hangs over the front of the pallet rack beam. Flat flush decks also allow larger identification labels to be placed on the beams since the waterfall won’t get in the way.

Duo Fold Support Channel

The Duo Fold support channel provides an extra folded support channel within the already existing support channel.

Up-Turned Waterfall Channel

The up-turned waterfall deck gets its name from the way wire turns upward at the rear of the deck. This feature conveniently prevents product from sliding too far towards the back of the rack system.

Wire Deck Capacity Ratings

One of the most important factors to consider when quoting a wire deck project is the capacity requirements. The wire decks chosen for the application must be able to reliably and safely hold the load they’re supporting.

Nashville wire deck capacity ratings are noteworthy in that the capacities are for loads placed on the wire deck only, with no help from beams. In other words, the capacity given is the true capacity of the deck, not the deck in combination with beams. The difference may or may not be important, depending on the application. However, it’s helpful to know when comparing capacities.

Perforated Steel Decking

One of the newer products in the NWP stable of products is perforated steel decking. Perforated decking gives users a flatter, smoother, and more uniform surface to work with. This feature can be especially useful for end users storing items like furniture, carpeting, and other loads that don’t work well with traditional wire decks. During installation, the decks drop into place like wire decks and are secured using Tek screws.

As with wire decking, custom sizes, channels and gauges are available for perforated decks. A reminder for perforated steel decks: as of the time of this article was written, there is a 50 piece minimum order requirement for custom sizes.

Wire Deck Accessories and Other Components

It’s sometimes the case that wire decks alone won’t completely meet the needs of the application. For cases like these, NWP carries a line of wire deck accessories to complement their wire decking. Below is a list of Nashville Wire’s accessory products with brief descriptions.

Kwik Klip (clip divider)

Clip dividers help keep products organized on beam levels. It’s common to see clip dividers in hand stack applications, where they separate different items from each other. The Kwik Klip clips onto the wire deck on which the items are sitting.

Kwik-Stop (backstop)

The Kwik-Stop is a wire backstop that secures to the wire deck and stops items from sliding too far back on or completely off the racking. The Kwik-Stop is an easy-to-install option because it’s hardware-free.

Hanging Divider

Hanging dividers serve a similar function to clip dividers, helping separate certain items from one another. Instead of clipping onto the wire deck on which the items are sitting, however, hanging dividers clip onto the wire deck above.

Carton Stops

Carton stops divide and separate items, similarly to clip or hanging dividers, but can also work as flue spacers to keep transverse flue spaces clear.

Security Enclosures

While not a wire decking accessory, Nashville Wire Products does offer a wire security enclosure kit. The wire security enclosure kits offer a way to protect high-value inventory or equipment in the warehouse. The panels fit 8′ wide bays and come in three standard depths.

Wire Containers

For items best stored in containers, NWP offers several different types of wire containers as part of their material handling products line. We won’t cover every type of container, but encourage you to reach out to us for more information or a quote.

Column Protectors

The final addition to our list of Nashville Wire Products accessories is NWP’s upright column protector, the Protect-It. The purpose Protect-It is to help shield frame columns from damaging forklift collisions. The Protect-It is a plastic column protector that clips onto upright columns and can be stacked on top of one another to reach the desired height.

Do you have a wire decking project in the works? Give us a call at 888-578-1579 or send us an email at to learn more or get started with a quote.

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