Carton Flow Rack


What is Carton Flow?

A Carton Flow Pallet Rack System is a FIFO (first in, first out) picking system that is a great solution for slow to medium moving SKUs. This gravity flow system utilizes inclined roller platforms that gently move the remaining cartons forward when the front carton has been picked.


A Carton Flow Pallet Rack System is an efficient way to store a high volume of inventory in less space. Racks can be consolidated to eliminate aisles, increasing floor space and maximizing warehouse storage capacity. With independently moving cartons, a carton flow system eliminates the time and labor needed to manually move cartons as needed on static rack systems. Cartons are always in the front position ready for full and/or split case picking.

Each carton flow system is custom-designed for the unique application and product. Carton flow can be implemented with pallet racking or as a stand-alone unit with a single row or many. Lane width, roller style, speed, and more are customized to best serve the application’s purpose. 

Keep reading for more information about carton flow and how to quote these systems! 

Benefits of Carton Flow

  • Efficient
  • High-Density Carton Storage
  • Optimizes Warehouse Flow
  • Customizable

Carton Flow Manufacturers

WPRP offers high-quality carton flow systems from the following manufacturers. Click each manufacturer logo to learn more about their products:

3D Storage Systems Carton Flow
Advance Storage Products Carton Flow
Engineered Products Carton Flow
Interlake Mecalux Carton Flow
Keneco Carton Flow
Mallard Manufacturing Carton Flow
Rack Builders Inc. Carton Flow
Unarco Carton Flow
UNEX Carton Flow

When to Recommend a Carton Flow System

Box or Carton Storage

As mentioned, carton flow is for smaller loads stored in boxes or cartons. If a facility needs to keep both cartons and pallets, they can implement carton flow along with traditional pallet racking. Carton flow can also go on its own as a stand-alone unit. The amount of carton flow racking entirely depends on the product and purpose.

Fast-Paced Warehouse Facilities

Carton flow is a gravity flow system that speeds the picking and packing process by minimizing the distance an employee needs to travel to reach a product. These systems bring the product to the picker, making things much easier and more efficient. 

Stocking Warehouses

Warehouses that stock lots of the same product will benefit from carton flow and the high-density storage it offers. Carton flow is terrific for storing many products of the same SKU number in a single lane. 

Quoting Carton Flow

How to Quote a Carton Flow Pallet Rack System

The design/manufacturing process for gravity flow systems is much more customized and entirely dependent on the product and pallet or carton. When designing a carton flow system, manufacturers will most likely request a loaded carton and create the system around the product exactly as it will reside in the warehouse.


Manufacturers must consider carton/box type, material, size, weight, and more because each factor plays into the system design and functionality. When quoting carton flow, it is essential to ask the right questions.


Following is the standard information we ask our customers when quoting a carton flow pallet rack system:

Carton flow pallet rack system

Determine the carton flow style

  • Roller Style Track – typically used for heavier boxes
  • Wheel Bed Style – the most versatile option for mixed box sizes
  • Wheeled Track – a less expensive option for lighter boxes

Acquire carton details

  • What are the carton dimensions (length/width/height)?
  • How much does a carton weigh?

Determine system layout – bays, levels, and lanes

  • Acquire the area layout where the carton flow will be installed including the ceiling height
  • Number of SKUs stored in the system. This helps to determine how many different products will be stored and the best system layout
  • What is the pick application? Will it be picked by each piece, full carton or both?

Will this be a retro-fit into rack?

  • If it is a retro-fit, we will require a layout of the current system with the bay width, rack depth, number of rows and specifics on frames and beams being used.
Carton flow rack

Other helpful details to acquire:


  • What is their product?
  • How much product will they need to store?
  • What size is the product?
  • How heavy is the product?
  • What are the exact dimensions and weight of a loaded carton?
  • Warehouse details
    • How much space do they have?
    • How busy is the warehouse?
    • What is the general flow of operations?
    • How often are products being picked?

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