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We stock both painted and galvanized wire mesh decking across the nation. We are the largest stocking wholesale distributor of J&L Wire mesh decks in the nation. Our in stock inventory can save you weeks in lead times. J&L Wire galvanized is our most popular brand of pallet rack wire decking. At our Minneapolis, MN warehouse location we stock 8 different size galvanized wire decks. Our stock decks have depths of 24”, 30″, 36”, 42”, 44″ and 48” with a variety of widths to fit most beam lengths. With the factory located in St. Paul, MN we offer custom made to order wire decks for our customers.

Wire Decks - Pallet Rack Wire Decks - ITC Wire DeckingPallet Rack Wire Decks

We stock painted wire decks at both of our main warehouses in East Stroudsburg, PA and Maple Grove, MN. Our East Stroudsburg, PA quick ship warehouse offers our largest selection of sizes and inventory of painted style decks. Our stock decks have depths of 24”, 36” , 42” and 48” with a variety of widths to fit most beam lengths. Exact sizes can be found on our pallet rack and wire deck quick ship page. Quote Request
With thousands of pallet rack decks on hand our inventory is your inventory.

J&L Wire (Quick Ship Product)

As the nation’s largest stocking distributor of J&L wire decking, our top-selling galvanized decking is always in stock and ready to ship. Our in-stock deck depths include 24”, 30″, 36”, 42”, 44″ and 48,” including a variety of widths to fit most standard pallet rack beam lengths. J&L wire decks are proudly manufactured in St. Paul, MN, and are built and tested to ANSI MH26.2. Quote Request

Flare Channel (Quick Ship Product)

Our J&L flare channel creates a universal fit on most box, step and structural pallet rack beams. These channels are made with sturdy 14 gauge steel. Our Flare Channel decks are manufactured in the USA and tested to ANSI MH26.2.

Standard U Channel (Quick Ship Product)

Our J&L galvanized standard “U channel” wire deck is among the most common wire decks we offer. Our U Channel wire deck fits all standard 1 5/8” Step beams. These channels are made with sturdy 14 gauge steel. As a J&L Stocking Distributor we offer many sizes of the standard channel galvanized wire decks in our quick ship programs. Proudly manufactured in St. Paul, MN. J&L Wire is built and tested to ANSI MH26.2. (View our In-Stock Wire Deck List)

Customized – The perfect fit, every time. 

J&L offers all of the right solutions for all of your customers wire deck problems. We offer the following products:

  • Inside Waterfall Decking
  • Standard Waterfall (Flare & U Channel)
  • 2×2 Mesh Pattern
  • 1×4 Mesh Pattern
  • Inverted Channels

Mesh Patterns are available in sizes: 2″ x 4″, 2 1⁄2″ x 4″, 1″x 4″, 2″x 2″, 2″x 3″, 4″x 4″. Available in 2, 4, 5 and 6-gauge. Call for custom gauges and mesh patterns. Inverted channels are available for step and box beams to be used in clean areas. Our inverted channels will not fill with dust, dirt, or any other debris, including water, keeping your storage area cleaner.

ITC Wire (Quick Ship Product)

WPRP is a major stocking distributor of ITC wire decks. We stock both flare and standard U channel. The ITC standard step deck is one of the most common decks in the industry. The support channels welded to the bottom of decks supply the load bearing capacity. Step channels provide greater strength than flanged. Our ITC Wire decks are made in the USA, available for quick ship, meet fire standards plus powder coating is applied electrostatically for a brilliant result. Quote Request

QUICK Ship Locations: Maple Grove, MN 55369, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301, Columbus, OH 43207 and Phoenix, AZ 85009

ITC  Options

ITC offers many custom options to satisfy your clients needs.

  • Custom Grid Patterns
  • Inverted Flare Channel
  • Flush Fit
  • Flush Waterfall Fit
  • Added Support Channels for increased capacity
  • We work closely with ITC Manufacturing so no problem is to tough for us to help you provide a solution to your customers needs.

ITC Specialty Products

  • Dividers
  • Flue Spacers
  • Hanging Dividers
  • Light Duty Bulk decking
  • Baskets
  • In-house Custom Project
  • Retail Displays

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