Push-Back Pallet Rack Systems


What is Push-Back Racking?

Push-back racking is a high-density storage system. This type of pallet racking utilizes a series of nesting carts that roll back into the system one position at a time with the addition of each new pallet. Inclined rails allow gravity to pull the carts forward while unloading, exposing the next cart each time.


Pallets are loaded and unloaded from a single easy access point, thus eliminating the need for multiple aisles. Push-back systems are often positioned against a warehouse wall – another space-saving perk.


Unlike drive-in rack systems, push-back racking is accessed entirely from the outside perimeter. They don’t require forklifts to drive in and out of the system, significantly reducing forklift-related rack damage.


Push-back racking allows for more storage or warehouse operations beneath the system while maintaining functionality.


Depending on the application, capacities can range per pallet position and will be engineered to suit the specific application. 

Push-back pallet rack illustration

Push-Back Pallet Rack Manufacturers

Push-back is available from the following manufacturers. Click on a logo below to get connected with push-back rack from that manufacturer:

Shop 3D Storage Systems Limited
Shop Advance Storage Products
Shop Bulldog Push-back rack
Shop Frazier Industrial pushback rack
Shop Hannibal Industries
Shop Heartland Steel Products
Shop Interlake Mecalux
Shop Konstant pushback rack
Shop Mallard Manufacturing Push-back rack
Shop Rack Builders Inc.
Shop Ridg-U-Rak
Shop Speedrack
Shop Steel King Industries
Shop Unarco

When to Recommend a Push-Back System

There are multiple situations where a push-back system could benefit your customer:

Quoting Push-Back

Make sure to ask the right questions and reach out for help if needed. Industrial warehouse storage systems need to be quoted correctly for safety reasons.

Storing Multiple Pallets of the Same SKU

A push-back system would work great if your customer is storing multiple pallets of the same SKU number. To access a pallet deeper in the system, every pallet before it must come out. For this reason, storing pallets of the same SKU in a row is much more efficient. 

High-Density Pallet Storage

Smaller warehouses or high-density storage warehouses might call for push-back racking. These user-friendly storage systems lessen the risk of rack damage.

Flowing Warehouses

Fast-paced warehouses with lots of products could benefit significantly from a push-back system. These systems occupy less space and make it easy for forklifts to grab pallets and go quickly. 

Ask the Right Questions

When quoting push-back racking, ask lots of questions about your customer’s warehouse facility, storage purposes, and products. Learn what type of pallets they have and how heavy each pallet will be. Here is a list of the most useful questions to ask your customers:

  • Tell me about your warehouse facility?
  • How much space do you have for a storage system?
  • What products are you storing?
  • What type of pallets do you use?
  • How heavy is each pallet of product?
  • How many pallets of the same SKU do you keep in your warehouse at once?
  • What does your warehouse’s daily workflow look like?

Gather as much information as possible so you can properly quote the system and relay necessary information to the manufacturer and engineers. Asking these questions will also help you determine how many pallets deep and how high the system should be.

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