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Pallet Rack Safety Products

Help your customers protect their personnel, equipment, and products with warehouse safety products.
Our goal is to help you, and that includes helping you keep your customer’s warehouse safe. Warehouses are full of heavy equipment and potentially hazardous situations. Without the proper warehouse safety products, common occurrences like forklift collisions can pose a major threat to employee safety and damage expensive equipment. Fortunately, many of these accidents can be prevented or mitigated by using the recommended warehouse safety products.

We offer a full line of warehouse safety products, including column protectors, pallet rack backing, safety netting, end-of-aisle guards, pallet rack safety clips, machine perimeter fencing, safety guardrail, and more.

Pallet Rack Backing

Promote warehouse safety with high-strength steel pallet rack backing.
Pallet racking holds loads up, but it doesn’t hold them in place. A forklift tine or other equipment can easily knock an unsecured load from its place on the pallet rack system. Nobody wants to have to worry about loads falling on them from above, and it usually isn’t great for the load either. Pallet rack backing offers a way to keep items organized and in place. By securing panels of pallet rack backing to one side of a pallet rack system, you’ll ensure that even large loads are kept from toppling to the floor below.

BeastWire Pallet Rack Safety Systems
We’re proud to stock BeastWire pallet rack backing panels as part of our quick ship program. BeastWire’s fully-framed welded wire design offers superior strength, while its unique drop-in Grrripper bracket makes installation fast and easy. BeastWire panels come standard in a black powder coat finish and are available in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. Ready to give BeastWire a try? Download the RFQ form and request a quote today!

pallet rack backing

Column Protectors

Defend Pallet Rack Columns from Common Collisions

The modern warehouse is a hustling, bustling maze of activity. People and equipment fly from one area to another, trying to get more done in less time. Even with the best intentions and safety standards in place, accidents are inevitable. One of the most common types of accidents is forklift collisions with pallet rack uprights.

When forklifts approach a pallet rack system to load or unload product, it’s not unusual for the tines to collide with the upright column of the racking. Even at slow speeds, this can cause serious damage to the column. This damage doesn’t just hurt its appearance; columns that are bent far enough out of position will no longer be safe to use. Aside from proper training and safety protocols, the best way to prevent these accidents is with column protectors.

Column protectors shield upright frames from the threat of incoming collisions like forklifts. By using column protectors, you’re putting a barrier between the rack and anything that might damage it. While column protectors may be an added cost up front, it’s easy to see how they save money in the long run.

We stock column protectors in a variety of sizes, brands, and styles. We have bolt-on, floor-mounted, and no-hardware models available for 48-hour quick shipping. Call or email for a column protector quote and help your customer protect their pallet rack.

Safety Guardrail

Guard Personnel from Fast-Moving Machines

Warehouses are filled with both foot traffic and fast-moving equipment such as forklifts and pallet trucks. These tools are important and help make warehouses more efficient. But, they can also pose a threat to safety. Forklifts account for a large percentage of warehouse accidents and are a top OSHA citation. Setting up safety guardrail is an effective way to put a barrier between personnel and heavy equipment.

Guardrail doesn’t just protect walkways, in-plant offices, and other areas that are off-limits to heavy equipment. It also directs forklift traffic and highlights appropriate traffic lanes.

We stock guardrail in a wide range of sizes and brands to meet your needs. Give us a call, send us an email, or send in a quote request form and we’ll be in touch within a day with a quote.

warehouse guardrail

Machine Perimeter Fencing

Prevent Injuries and Comply with Safety Standards
Machines are at the heart of manufacturing and production, and make up an important part of the warehouse ecosystem. Certain machines can be hazarhous to use, especially by inexperienced or untrained workers. Machine perimeter fencing is a solution to the challenge of allowing only authorized personnel to access a machine.

Machine perimeter fencing is both a recommended safety practice and an OSHA requirement. If you’d like to learn more about protecting workers from machinery or would like a quote, we’re happy to help. Our extensive knowledge of machine perimeter fencing and network of manufacturers help us find the machine guarding solution that will work best for your customer’s application.

machine perimeter fencing

End-of-Aisle Guards

Protect Pallet Rack in High-Traffic Areas
The zone surrounding the end of an aisle is one of the busiest areas in the modern warehouse. Forklifts are moving quickly and taking tight turns. Under these conditions, it’s common for forklifts and other equipment to collide with pallet rack frames at the ends of aisles. These collisions can weaken the frame and result in it needing to be replaced. Fortunately, there’s a way to prevent these collisions beforehand: end-of-aisle guards.

End-of-aisle guards serve the same function as column protectors, but for the vulnerable frames at the ends of aisles. End-of-aisle guards are usually bolted to the floor to deflect any potential run-ins with forklifts. Having this useful buffer in between forklifts and racking saves money in damages, making end-of-aisle guards a true investment.

We stock end-of-aisle guards made by Steel King and Wildeck in both single and double-sided varieties.  If you have any questions or need a quote, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our goal is to help you!

Pallet Rack Safety Clips

Keep Pallet Rack Beams Locked In Place
ANSI/RMI require pallet rack beams to have locking mechanisms capable of withstanding 1000# pounds of upward force. In other words, beams must be locked into frames so they can’t be knocked out of place during loading or unloading.

Most new beams are made with built-in locking mechanisms so installers don’t have to think twice. However, it’s common for clips to be sheered off and many older beams simply don’t have the necessary locking device. To meet this need, we offer pallet rack safety clips. Universal Drop Pins come included in all of our used pallet rack orders but are also available for sale.

In addition to Universal Drop Pins we also offer Steel King teardrop clips, Unarco Sturdi Bilt Clips, Speedrack Old Style clips, and a full inventory of clips for both common and more obscure pallet rack brands. If your customer needs safety clips for their racking, please reach out to us and we’ll provide a same-day quote for pricing and availability. 

universal drop pin

Safety Netting

Put a Stop to Falling Objects on Pallet Rack Systems

Pallet racking is designed to store products in the air, making use of vertical space. It goes without saying that pallet rack systems can be quite tall, as any material handling professional knows firsthand. On a typical selective pallet rack system, there’s nothing to keep loads centered on beam levels besides the force of gravity. Pallet rack systems located near walkways or valuable equipment need a more reliable solution. This is where safety netting comes into the picture.

Pallet rack safety netting is usually attached to the back of a pallet rack system. Once in place, the netting prevents any stray objects from falling to the ground below. Keeping items where they belong — on the racking — spares both the item and, more importantly, and people below.

Give us a call or send us an email for a same-day quote on pallet rack safety netting. Have questions? We have answers. Our goal is to help you, and a friendly Pallet Rack Specialist will be available to answer any questions you might have.


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