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In its 30 years of existence, Steel King has attained a reputation for manufacturing some of the highest quality material handling products available on the pallet racking market. Proudly crafted in the United States, these products’ strength and durability present an optimal solution to virtually any storage question.


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Steel King Pallet Racking

Steel King Racking

Steel King Pallet Rack

SK2000 Tubular Rack (Quick Ship)
Featuring industry-leading strength, Steel King’s SK2000 Boltless Pallet Rack is the only fully-tubular pallet rack frame currently available on the market. One of the primary advantages of a tubular design is the additional durability it offers. When compared to open-backed pallet racking, tubular designs regularly maintain a longer life span. Over the long term, this saves the owner costs in replacement and repair.


  • Full tubular design
  • Powder-coated finish for greater resistance to impacts and solvents
  • Highly interchangeable keyhole connection slot
  • Horizontal and diagonal bracing for added strength
  • Footpads are welded directly to upright frames
  • Full fillet welds, featuring greater overall strength

SK3000 Structural Pallet Rack

Steel King structural pallet rack is designed to withstand the most intense conditions and heavy load bearing. Offering the same advantages as Steel King’s tubular pallet rack, but with an even greater capacity, structural pallet racking is ideal for storage conditions in which only the strongest racking will suffice.


  • Bolted design offers optimal strength
  • Powder coated finish for greater resistance to impacts and solvents
  • Greater capacity than roll-form steel pallet racking
  • Structural design means greater weight bearing capacity for ultra heavy storage applications, such as grocery or liquids.

Steel King Drive-In System

Drive-in rack systems are a cost-effective means of providing storage solutions to warehouses with high volume and low turnover. Steel King’s drive-in systems eliminate many of the aisles needed by selective pallet racking, providing greater density.


  • Greater storage density, allowing for warehouse space maximization
  • Durable design withstands daily abuse from forklifts and pallets
  • Flared load rails make for easier bay access
  • Rail stops prevent loads from being pushed off racking, creating a safer warehouse environment and decreasing the possibility of product damage
  • Load rails are built with structural-angled steel, meaning added strength and durability

Steel King Push Back Pallet Rack System

Steel King’s push back pallet rack systems offer the added storage density of double-deep or drive-in rack systems, but with greater convenience and selectivity. Steel King’s push back systems allow pallets to be stored anywhere from 2-5 deep, and utilize a first-in last-out (FILO) design. Push back systems’ gravity-driven design eliminates the need for augmented forklifts, and increases the number of available pick faces.


  • Store pallets 2-5 deep for better utilization of warehouse space
  • Gravity-driven design means pallets automatically slide forward to pick face
  • Carts are color-coded, enabling visual assessment of inventory
  • Up to 90% better use of warehouse storage space than selective racking, and up to 400% more selectivity than drive-in racking
  • Pallet carts are an easy target for forklift operators

Pallet Flow Rack Systems

Pallet flow rack systems from Steel King feature a high density, FIFO design. The ability for a FIFO design to create a system of “flow” enables high density warehouses to operate with maximum efficiency. While the majority of manufacturers provide only one component of the pallet flow rack system, Steel King produces both the rack and flow components, so there’s no need to mix and match.


  • Customizable design
  • Advanced quality engineering
  • Cost-effictive option
  • Ideal for high-density, time-sensitive storage applications
  • Flexible selectivity

Pick Module Systems

Pick module systems are an economical and efficient option for those looking to enhance product flow in a high-density storage application. These rack-supported flow systems are first-in, first-out in their design, allowing pallets to be inserted via lift truck operator at one end of the system, and picked for processing at the other end after being broken down into individual cartons.


  • Consolidation of distribution operations
  • Accommodates both high density and high product movement needs
  • Efficient utilization of warehouse space
  • Customized for each user specific to their needs
  • Applicable for industries such as food, retail, electronics, and specialty distribution

Structural Cantilever

Cantilever racks are the perfect solution to storing long, oblong materials that wouldn’t fit in standard pallet racking, such as lumber, piping, and steel. Steel King structural cantilever racks are constructed with the same strength and durability as their other rack products, and provide a trustworthy storage solution for those otherwise difficult items. Because cantilever consist of a center beam with outstretched arms, their loads are not limited to the same length restrictions as other rack systems.


  • Bolted structure for optimal strength and durability
  • Multiple arm sizes available for varying load sizes and weights
  • Arms are adjustable in 3″increments
  • Heavy connector plates add greater stability
  • Center columns are welded to bases in the Steel King factory
  • Sloped connector slot

Mezzanines/Work Platforms

Mezzanines and work platforms are an innovative way for warehouse operators to increase space while avoiding many of the expenses and inconveniences that come with building an addition or having to obtain space off site. Mezzanines and work platforms allow for the full utilization of vertical space, can be used for virtually any application the warehouse operator sees fit, including additional work space, catwalks, tool cribs,dust covers, and more.


  • Significantly increase usable warehouse space
  • Often more cost-effective strategy than building or leasing
  • Variety of decking surfaces available
  • Diamond-textured or bar grating stair treads
  • Steel King Gates provide easy access to any point on the mezzanine

Stac-King Portable Racks

Having been in production for over 25 years, Stac-King Portable Racks are a staple in Steel Kings product line. Portable racks feature a clever combination of pallet and rack, meaning customers won’t have to incur the cost of purchasing each component separately. In addition, Stac-King racks’ stackable structure makes them a versatile and easy to use warehouse storage tool.


  • Maximize density or selectivity
  • Vertical beams allow for stacking without product damage
  • Maximum portability and versatility
  • Flexibility is ideal for inventory volatility
  • Change rack layout with little effort

Rack Guarding Products

Once pallet rack systems are in place and functioning, it’s imperative that they be protected from the rigors and punishment commonplace in a warehouse setting. This is where Steel King’s line of protective railing and inserts come to the rescue. Products like the Guard Dawg, Column Core Insert, and Steel Guard Protective Railing, ensure pallet racking maintains its form and stability, meaning a safer warehouse for workers and lower long-term expenses.


  • Five times the reinforcement against forklift and pallet impacts
  • Protects pallet racking stationed in high-traffic areas
  • Heavy-duty railing prevents forklift collisions with employees, products, and racking
  • Lower the risk of potentially dangerous and expensive accidents

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