Industrial Stairways


Industrial stairways contribute to your warehouse’s access network, creating safe and efficient pathways and egress routes throughout your workspace. Industrial stairs grant access to mezzanines, landings, stories, pits or wells, roofs, machinery repair, product picking, platforms, and over trenches or equipment.


Warehouse stairs come in many shapes, sizes, and styles, including fixed industrial stairs, mobile stairs, ladders, crossovers, and more. Finding the perfect stair system for your warehouse can be challenging. Stairway features and regulations like handrails, stair width, and tread can add to the stress of selecting metal warehouse stairs. 


Keep reading to learn about the many types of industrial staircases, and call WPRP for questions or to get a quote!

Types of Industrial Stairs and Ladders

  • Fixed industrial stairways
  • Portable stairs
  • Inplant office/mezzanine stairs
  • Loading dock stairs
  • Commercial stairs
  • Crossover stairs and platforms
  • Roof access stairs
  • Rooftop stairs
  • Generator stairs
  • Stair towers
  • Rolling ladders
  • Pick ladders
  • Roof access ladders
  • Alternating tread stairs
Industrial metal stairs

Factors to Consider When Choosing Industrial Stairways

Stair Orientation

Stair orientation is the direction your stairs face and the number of turns incorporated into the staircase. Depending on your industrial stairway’s footprint and the space available, you may need to adjust the orientation. Here are some common stair orientations:

Straight run industrial stairway

Straight Run

Two straight run industrial stairway

Two Straight Run

Quarter turn industrial stairway

Quarter Turn

Half turn industrial stairway

Half Turn

Two quarter turn industrial stairway

Two Quarter Turn

Three quarter turn industrial stairway

Three Quarter Turn

Stair Features

There are numerous interchangeable stair features to choose from when designing and implementing industrial metal stairways in your warehouse. Factors such as material, tread, width, and more can affect your staircase’s overall cost and stability. Here are some standard features and things to consider when customizing your industrial stairs:


  • Stair material – steel, aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel
  • Stair tread – non-slip tread, tread depth, stair tread covers, anti-slip tapes
  • Stair stringers – provide load-bearing support for the treads and risers. Framework.
  • Handrails – railing fittings, railing thickness, railing material, extended handrails
  • Posts – post material, post thickness, OSHA-compliance
  • Platforms – decking and dimensions
  • Decking – extruded, slip-resistant, grip strut, fiber grate, bar grate decking options
  • Base plates – thickness, padding, anchoring, and more
  • Stair width – depends on the application and local safety codes 
  • Paint – powder coat, galvanized, stainless steel

Mezzanine and Industrial Stair Manufacturers

Industrial stair manufacturers build stairs in different styles — often to be compatible with their mezzanines and storage products. Here are the top mezzanine and industrial stair manufacturers to consider. Get a quote through WPRP today!

Wildeck Industrial Stairs
Steele Solutions industrial stairs
Bluff Manufacturing industrial stairs
Cogan industrial stairs
Steel King industrial stairs
Unarco industrial stairs
NexCaliber Structures industrial stairs
Heartland Steel Products industrial stairs
SpaceRak industrial stairs
Nucor industrial stairs

Industrial and Commercial Stair Code Requirements

OSHA stair regulations govern system specifics such as handrails, stair tread, vertical clearance, riser heights, and stair depth. Before installing industrial or commercial stairs in your facility, study OSHA regulations and adhere to any local codes.


IBC stair codes fall under chapter ten, “Means of Egress.” The IBC is another regulatory agency to adhere to when designing and installing your industrial or commercial stairways.

Stair Width

According to the IBC, egress stairs should not be less than 44 inches (1118 mm). According to OSHA, the required minimum width for industrial fixed stairs is 22 inches.

Stair Capacity

OSHA standard 1910.24 states that fixed industrial stairs must be able to carry at least four times their maximum intended load.


OSHA and the IBC also regulate industrial handrails for stairs. IBC Section 1012.2 states that handrail height must be no less than 34 inches (864 mm) and no more than 38 inches (965 mm). Handrail extensions must return to a wall, guard, or another handrail to provide continuous support in the transition between the railing and a level surface. 

Cost of Metal Warehouse Stairs

A typical straight-run OSHA or IBC staircase to a second-story landing, mezzanine, or floor can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 depending on the material, tread, number of stairs, handrail, etc. OSHA stairs are generally more cost-effective than IBC stairs, saving companies up to 30% because OSHA requires fewer treads, a shorter horizontal run, and less extra handrail. 


IBC stairs are typically larger and take up more space, requiring extra handrails and deeper tread. For a standard staircase, installation adds approximately $1,000.

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