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Hello and welcome to WPRP University. At WPRP, our goal is to help you. Part of helping you is always being ready to provide additional value above and beyond just selling pallet rack. We want to make sure you have access to knowledge, resources and products that will help you deliver a project that exceeds your customer’s expectations. This goal is what gave rise to our video series, “Would You Like Fries with That?” “Would You Like Fries with That?” is just another way of asking if you’d like some value-added knowledge, service or products.

“Would You Like Fries with That?” is a video series offering helpful tips and information to make your life easier. Our videos include material handling professional interviews, industry news and updates, up-sell products and simple tips in order to grow your knowledge of the material handling industry. Although education is our first goal at our WPRP University and “Would You Like Fries with That,” we also like to have fun and entertain. We hope you’ll find this to be an interesting and helpful resource.

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Would You Like Fries with That?

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