Welcome to our mezzanine and work platform page! This page contains everything you need to know about these warehouse systems to relay to interested customers.


At WPRP our goal is to help you. We make quoting easy for dealers who are learning new storage systems. Keep reading to learn about work platforms and how to quote them. 

Everything You Need to Know About Mezzanines

Mezzanines increase productive warehouse space. These work platforms are elevated on four heavy-duty columns to create a second level of usable space.


The floor space beneath a mezzanine level remains usable as well and doesn’t interfere with forklift and machine operations. Many customers request these industrial systems for their warehouses after an expansion or in an attempt to optimize their warehousing. 

Warehouse mezzanine

Mezzanine Styles

Depending on the facility and warehouse application, your customer may need one of the following work platform styles. These are the most common mezzanine styles.

Structural mezzanine

Structural Mezzanine

Structural mezzanines are free-standing in their most basic form. When we speak of work platforms this is what we are referring to. 

Parts mezzanine system

Parts Mezzanine

Parts mezzanines offer storage density and efficiency for order picking. Great for high-density parts storage warehouses. Includes an incline conveyor for easy bin, carton, or part transportation from floor to platform. 

Rack-supported mezzanine

Rack-Supported Mezzanine

Sometimes referred to as catwalk systems because of the walkways created by rack aisles. Creates usable space above your pallet racking and adds square footage to the facility. 

Work Platform Benefits

  • Extra warehouse space
  • Uses vertical space
  • Doesn’t interfere with forklifts and warehouse operations
  • Fully customizable 
  • Adaptable – can be changed or added to if need arises
  • Cheaper than relocation or addition
  • Faster solution than relocation or addition

Mezzanines That We Offer

Here at WPRP, we offer Mezzanines of the highest quality. All our manufacturers offer work platforms that are engineered to current codes to ensure safety and quality are top priorities. Our mezzanine manufacturers include:

Shop Bluff Manufacturing
Shop Cogan
Shop Hannibal Mezzanines
Shop Heartland Steel Products
Shop Konstant Mezzanines
Shop Steel King Industries
Shop Unarco Mezzanines
Shop Western Pacific Storage Solutions Mezzanines
Shop Wildeck Mezzanines

Mezzanine Customization Options

Mezzanines are fully customizable. Here are some of the elements that can be custom-fit for each client:


  • Stairs 
  • Columns
  • Base plates
  • Ladders
  • Safety railings
  • VRC lifts
  • Top platforms
  • Mezzanine floors
    • Steel
    • Wood
    • Concrete
    • Stainless steel
    • Fiberglass
  • Safety gates 
    • Pedestrian self-closing swing gates
    • Sliding mezzanine access gates

How to Quote a Work Platform

Mezzanines are heavy-duty, industrial systems. When a customer asks for a mezzanine, assume it will be an integral piece of their everyday warehouse operations. 


Work platforms take lots of wear and tear from forklifts, high capacities, and daily use. Proper quoting is essential to ensure safety in your customer’s warehouse. Be sure to follow each of these steps when quoting mezzanines.

Questions to Ask Your Customer

To ensure a proper fit and capacity rating, ask your customer the following questions and be specific:


  • What will you use your work platform for?
    • What product will it store?
    • How much product?
    • How much capacity?
    • How much workspace will you need?
  • Tell me about your warehouse space!
    • What type of warehouse is this?
    • What are the room dimensions?
    • What is the available height (clear height)?
  • Tell me about your cartons/pallets! 
    • Will you use cartons, pallets, or both?
    • Pallet dimensions?
    • Pallet type?
    • How much do they weigh?

Do Your Research

Make sure you know your mezzanine styles and capacity ratings before quoting. Quote a high enough capacity mezzanine to safely hold all of your customer’s product, storage systems, and personnel.


Be generous – capacity and storage needs fluctuate and may increase with time. 


Additionally, knowing the many mezzanine customizations and style options makes you a valuable resource. Keep clients coming back for accessories, replacements, and more in the future by becoming the expert. 


Finally, mezzanines may not be the best option for your customer. Knowing the products allows you to offer suggestions or alternatives when a mezzanine may not be what your customer really needs. 

Reach Out for Help

If you have questions about how to quote mezzanines, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. WPRP is well-acquainted with mezzanines and the many safety codes and requirements surrounding them. We are a resource for dealers like you and are happy to answer any questions. 


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