The Dealer’s Guide to Used Pallet Racking


A Tool for Dealers When Buying and Selling Used Pallet Racking

Hey Dealers! Our used pallet rack guide covers everything you need to know about buying and selling used pallet racks as a dealer. As always, our goal is to help you so you can better help your customers. Let us educate you on the complicated world of second-hand pallet racking.

Buying Used Pallet Racking

As a dealer, you want to take in used racking that you know will resell quickly and will best benefit your customers. Product quality, compatibility, and more are essential when buying used racking to resell.

Before Purchasing Used Pallet Racking

Alright, a customer just called. They have used racking they no longer need and hope you can take it off their hands. Before buying any used racking, here are some crucial factors to consider:


  • Identify rack manufacturer and product compatibility
  • Make sure you know the dimensions and manufacturer of any used racking you buy
  • Used racking that is common and compatible with multiple brands is easier to resell
  • Condition of the rack system
  • Is the product clean and damage-free? If damage is present, is it easily repairable (chipping paint, minor dents/scratches), or is it structural?
  • Cost of freight
  • Don’t get caught overpaying on shipping for a cheaper product like used racking

Ready to Buy? Here are 5 Steps to Buying Used Warehouse Racking From a Supplier or Customer

You’re ready to move forward with a used pallet rack purchase but could use some more structured guidance. Here are five simple, straightforward steps to ensure you get the best deal possible on a high quality product:


  1. Inspect the rack before purchasing
    1. If an in-person inspection isn’t possible, request photos and video of the storage rack or a detailed description
      (see examples in the next section)
  2. Determine the manufacturer, capacity, and other crucial factors about the racking system
  3. Research and buy from reputable sources only
  4. Ask questions about quality and previous use 
    1. Size and quality
    2. Capacity 
    3. Compatibility and fit with other systems 
    4. Identify where it is shipping from and how it will ship (standing or laying down) 
    5. Consider who will be loading the trucks
  5. Is the racking owned, or do you need to purchase it upfront?
    1. More risk is involved with new suppliers as they may require an upfront payment
    2. Well-known suppliers may give you terms 

Examples of Used Product

When making a large purchase, it’s essential to know what you are buying for your customer. Some common questions to ask are:


  • Do the beams include clips? 
  • Are they free and clear of labels? 
  • Are they matching? 
  • Do the frames have damage to the legs? 
  • Is the system still standing and indoors? 
  • Or is it sitting outside rusting etc.? 

Always check for damage on the material before purchasing.


The green and orange configurations in the photos below are slotted Ridg-U-Rak pallet racks. This racking is still manufactured today so parts are readily available and in stock.


The gray and orange racking is manufactured by Keystone. Only a couple of manufacturers make this racking today so acquiring it is not easy.

Used Ridg-U-Rak pallet racking with labels
Used Ridg-U-Rack pallet rack configuration
Used Keystone pallet rack frame

Selling Used Pallet Racking

Now that you’ve attained a used pallet rack system, it’s time to resell it to a customer! When selling used pallet racking, keep in mind that there is more information you’ll need to acquire and relay to your buyer than with new racking. Used racking can be a fantastic, cost-efficient option for both parties IF all the details are there. 

Before Reselling Used Pallet Racking

Compile essential product details in one place, so they are readily relayed to your buyer. Then, consider these things for each specific customer:


  • What are your customer’s storage and capacity needs?
  • How much warehouse space do they have?
  • Do they have a current storage system that needs matching?
  • What are the dimensions and manufacturer of their existing system?
  • Does their city have any code or permitting requirements?
  • How can you best help your customer in the future?
  • Can you stock compatible parts for future racking needs?

5 Steps to Selling Used Warehouse Racking

Finally, here are five straightforward steps to get used pallet racking from your warehouse to your buyer’s. 


  1. Provide pictures, video, and a detailed description of the product 
  2. Willingly answer any questions the customer may have
  3. Educate your customers on code requirements and permitting
  4. Offer a return/buy-back option for incompatible racking
  5. Make the sale!


Here at WPRP, we believe in putting the customer first. We hope this used pallet rack guide helps you navigate the used racking world and gives you some ideas on how to put your customers first. If you have questions, call us at 888.578.1579, and we will answer them. Fill out a quote form below!

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