“Pallet rack supply” is a general term referring to the provision of pallet racking, which is a common storage solution used in warehouses, garages, and other industrial settings. Pallet racking consists of a series of upright frames, horizontal beams, and add-ons like wire decking and accessories to safely store palletized products off of the ground. Wholesale Pallet Rack Products is a wholesale supplier of pallet racking, meaning we supply pallet racking solely to pallet rack dealers and distributors for resale.

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Pallet Rack Supply

The Pallet Rack Supply Process

Pallet rack supply encompasses several steps:

    1. Manufacturing and Production: Pallet rack manufacturers take raw steel and create pallet racking using various methods. The two main types of pallet racking are roll-formed and structural – each style requires a different manufacturing process. Roll-formed racking is made with cold-rolled sheet metal, which is fed through a series of roller dies and formed into the desired shape for each pallet rack component. Structural steel is hot rolled and welded together to create heavy-duty racking components. 
    2. Distribution: Once the pallet racking has undergone finishing and final inspection, the components are carefully packaged and shipped to distributors for stocking and resale. Many manufacturers only sell to distributors and will not sell directly to end users.
    3. Stocking: Pallet rack distributors and wholesalers (like us!) receive and stock the racking in their own warehouses or perhaps a 3PL facility, reordering inventory as needed. In some cases, distributors may dropship orders directly to customers, allowing them to skip the stocking phase altogether. 
    4. Quoting: Quoting is the first step of the order process in which a sales representative sends the inquiring customer an estimate of how much their pallet rack order will cost, including tax, freight, design, and installation costs, if applicable. At this point, it is up to the customer to decide if they will move forward with the order or take their business elsewhere.
    5. Design: Larger warehouse projects require intricate planning to ensure proper storage capacities, fit, and regulation adherence. The design process involves carefully curating CAD drawings to visualize racking configurations within a customer’s space before the order is finalized.
    6. Shipping: Once the storage design is finalized and the order is placed, an installation date is set, and the racking is packed and shipped. We work with a fantastic network of freight brokers to get our customers their racking as quickly as possible.
    7. Installation: Some distributors don’t just stop at pallet rack supply but offer installation services as well. In this instance, a technician is sent out to the property to unload and set up the racking according to the CAD map.
    8. Maintenance and Repairs: Finally, “pallet rack supply” carries over into maintenance and repairs, which involves replacing damaged components over time. Many companies choose to work with the same pallet rack distributor that provided and designed their initial storage system, forming a lasting partnership.


Pallet rack supply is an overarching term that encompasses many steps, including manufacturing, distribution, stocking, quoting, pallet rack installation, and more. Pallet rack suppliers like WPRP work hard to offer the best possible pallet rack solutions for each unique client and are often willing to go above and beyond to meet their needs. If you are seeking a pallet rack supply partner, call 888-578-1579 or complete an online quote form today to get started!