How to Measure Pallet Rack Wire Decks on “Would You Like Fries with That” featuring Linda Anlauf and Josh Smith.

Over the next 60 seconds, Josh Smith will explain everything you need to know about measuring pallet racks for wire decking.

How to Measure Pallet Rack Wire Decks | WPRP from Wprp Pallet Rack on Vimeo.

Video Transcript: How to Measure Pallet Rack Wire Decks

Josh: Hi, welcome to our WPRP video mini series “Would You Like Fries With That.” I’m Josh Smith and today I’m kind of excited, why? We are going to be talking about how to measure out for wire decks.

This is a common question that’s out there, and really is there a standard? Well, it turns out manufacturers really have set the standard in wire decks. Why is that? The most common wire deck out there is a 42×46. When measuring for a wire deck, you’re going to want to make sure you measure for the depth of it, front to back, that’s going to get your depth.

Now for the width, we are going to base that off inside opening. That means, the opening from inside the uprights, left to right. Now, historically you would probably divide that out by two, might go with a 48, but because manufacturers have set the standard, you would use a 42×46. If it was a 9’ beam, standard for that is a 42×52. 10’ beam, same thing, 42×58. Now, when you get to a 12’ beam, you’re going to use (3) 42×46 wire decks. So, it’s important to remember, always measure front to back of the outside of the beams, and then you’ve got your inside.

The last step is you’ve got you’re step depth. That’s going to determine, on a step deck, how deep you’re channel is going to sit down into the step. That’s your simple, how to measure for wire decks.

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