Teardrop Pallet Racking

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Interlake Mecalux Pallet Rack

Interlake Mecalux is among the most widely-used pallet rack brands in the world, and for good reason. Interlake has earned its exceptional reputation and recognition through the production and supply of top-notch pallet rack combined with over 50 years of industry presence.

Teardrop Pallet Racking

Interlake Welded Teardrop Pallet Rack


  • Many Quick Ship Sizes
  • Two-inch vertical adjustability
  • High-strength steel certified to meet the strictest specifications
  • 100% welded uprights

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Teardrop Pallet Rack

Interlake Bolted Teardrop Pallet Racking

Interlake Mecalux teardrop pallet rack is one of the most common styles and manufacturers of selective pallet racking in the United States.


  • Many quick ship sizes
  • Two-inch vertical adjustability
  • Adapts to any product volume, weight or size
  • High-strength steel certified to meet the strictest specifications

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Pallet Rack Interlake Structural Pallet Racks

Interlake Structural Pallet Rack

Interlake structural rack systems are manufactured using hot-rolled structural steel frames with the flexibility of structural or roll formed beams. The open channel structural steel design meets all industry strength requirements.


  • Rigid
  • Wide range of frame capacities
  • Structural or Roll Formed beam optioin
  • Debris resistant, cleans easily.

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Pallet Rack: Interlake Mecalux

Interlake Carton Flow

Interlake carton flow rack systems are ideal for companies that desire FIFO picking of full cartons and single items. These systems use the power of gravity to flow the products forward for picking.


  • FIFO shelving system
  • Can save 25%-75% in labor over static systems
  • Speedy assembly
  • Compatible with standard pallet rack

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Teardrop Pallet Rack

Interlake Pallet Flow (Gravity Flow) Pallet Rack

Interlake pallet flow rack systems are the ideal solution for pallets that need to be FIFO (first in first out). These systems utilize gravity to move full pallets along rails of flow wheels from the loading end towards the pick aisle.


  • FIFO shelving system
  • Wide range of capacities
  • Increase warehouse capacity
  • Increases operational productivity

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Push Back Pallet Rack

Interlake Push-Back Pallet Rack

Interlake push-back rack systems are ideal for multiple product storage situations. Each pallet is loaded from the front on the rack system onto a free rolling cart that can be PUSHED back when the next pallet is loaded.


  • FILO (first-in first-out
  • Exceptional space utilization
  • High selectivity of multiple SKU’s
  • Pallets flow to front pick location

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Pallet Rack: Interlake Mecalux

Interlake Drive-In Pallet Rack

Interlake drive-in rack systems are ideal for high density storage needs. Forklifts and loading equipment actually drive in / thru the rack system for loading and unloading pallets. These systems are most efficient when storing high volume of a small amount of SKU’s.


  • Multiple-pallets deep
  • Customizable heights and depths
  • FILO (first-in last-out)

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Pallet Rack: Interlake Wide Span Shelving

Interlake Light Duty Shelving

Interlake light duty rack systems offer a solution for your odd-sized hand loaded items. Works with both wood or steel decking.


  • Wood or steel decking
  • Quick configuration
  • Durable & safe)

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Pallet Rack: Interlake Accessories

Interlake Accessories

We have access to all of your Interlake product accessories. Call 888-578-1579 for more information on any of the following items: bolts, bolt-together column struts, plastic spacers, foot plate hardware, toe boards, shims for interlock frames, standard shims, seismic shims, cantilever shims, connection kits, handrail posts, Interlake Paint, M dividers, Reel Rod Holder, Lumber Holders, Hammer tool holders and more.

Teardrop Pallet Racking

Bolting vs. Welding

The most frequently asked question that has been brought up has to do with whether welding is better than bolting from a structural viewpoint. The answer to this question is surprisingly simple. Both of these types of connections have been the basis for thousands of structures over a period of many years. Neither of these connections is better from a structural viewpoint for the type of load that has to be carried by these frames.

The real question should be,“Are the frames designed properly for their intended use?

This can be answered with great assurance because Interlake rack is designed to the highest standards. As long as the engineer has good Information regarding the loads to be imposed on the rack and adheres to recognized structural engineering principles as given in the aforementioned documents, the design of the rack will be structurally sound.


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