Promat 2019 Recap - 5 Post Show Tips
Another ProMat has come and gone and by now you (hopefully) have fully recovered from your time in Chicago. It was a record-setting year with more than 45,000 attendees and 1,350 exhibitors packing the halls of McCormick Place from April 8-11.
The combination of learning opportunities, keynote speakers, networking opportunities, and new technology provided ample chances for every attendee and exhibitor to “Find Your Wow”. 
There are many facets that go into the success of any given show or event. The pre-show planning, booth layout, promotions, and giveaways are just a few factors. But now that the show is done and the halls have been cleared, these 5 post-show success tips will help validate all the pre-show and day-of activities.

Follow-Up! – Let’s face it, what’s the point of even participating if you are not following up with all those shiny new contacts you’ve made? If you haven’t already, be sure to reach out to your new contacts with a quick email or phone call.

Organize – Once you have all your leads gathered, add them to your CRM or another database. This will help you and other members of your team know where the lead came from and remember where the connection occurred

Connect – Help foster your new relationships by connecting on LinkedIn. The interaction will demonstrate effort and care on you and your companies part.

Get and Give Feedback– The key to improving the trade show experience is to get feedback from those connections, and other people that may have visited the booth. Likewise, give your feedback to others that may be looking for it.

Revisit Your Goals – It’s important to measure the ROI of any business activity. Trade shows are no different. Did you reach your lead goals? Did you connect with the people you wanted to connect with? Did you come away with the takeaways you expected? These are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself at the end of the show.

With another record-setting ProMat in the books, the WPRP team would like to thank the team at MHI for another great show. We are already looking forward to MODEX 2020 in Atlanta. As always, our goal is to help you!