Industrial stairways play the essential warehouse role of creating code-compliant egress routes and access points and optimizing efficiency and safety in the workplace. Warehouse stairs come in many shapes and sizes, and stair configuration is entirely customizable to fit any space perfectly. 

Because stairways are a primary pedestrian traffic route, compliance stairway design is essential to protect your employees and guests. We’ll touch more on stair safety and compliance later in this blog.

Industrial Stair Customization

Industrial stairway design involves many factors, from stair orientation to components like handrails, tread, stair material, etc. As long as they remain compliant, stairs can be customized in many ways to meet the unique needs of a warehouse.

Handrails, tread, and stair material are essential considerations for code compliance and each unique application. For example, a food and beverage storage facility might benefit from stainless steel stairs with perforated, non-slip surfaces for industrial stairs in case of spills that could cause a serious slip hazard.

Straight Stairs Vs. Platform Stairs

The two most common industrial stair types are straight stairs and platform stairs. Straight stairs run in a single direction from one floor to the next with no turns. This stair style is what most people think of when they imagine a simple staircase. 

Platform stairs must have a platform landing at some point in the staircase. Platform stairs can have multiple different orientations. Two straight-run platform stairs extend beyond the typical straight-run staircase with the addition of a landing midway through the staircase. Other platform stair orientations include quarter turn, half turn, two-quarter turn, and three-quarter turn stairs. 

Platform stairs are a valuable option for warehouses with limited space because they can span multiple levels in a smaller footprint.

Straight run industrial stairway
Half turn industrial stairway

Benefits of High-Quality Industrial Stairways

The benefits of high-quality warehouse stairs span beyond workplace safety. While quality stairs reduce accidents and injuries and enhance the overall safety culture, they also increase productivity, facilitate easy access to different levels, and streamline workflow. 

Quality warehouse stairs are a long-term investment that lower maintenance and repair expenses and decrease the chances of a workplace accident that could result in significant legal fees.

Choosing the Right Industrial Stairway

Choosing the right stairway is half the battle of implementing quality stairs in your workplace. Once the stairway is chosen and designed, installation is typically a breeze.

To begin choosing your industrial stairway solution, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Evaluate specific warehouse requirements
  2. Determine space limitations and layout considerations
  3. Identify usage frequency and capacity requirements
  4. Consider the load-bearing capacity of industrial stairs
  5. Collaborate with reputable industrial stairway manufacturers
  6. Research experienced industrial stairway suppliers and their offerings
  7. Request customized solutions based on your specific needs.

Industrial Stairways for Wholesale

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