Using decks with your pallet rack is a good idea to prevent pallets or product from falling through your pallet rack system.

Below are three examples of when this may occur:1)  A typical pallet rack system is configured to have 3″ pallet overhang on the front and rear beams.  In some cases, a forklift driver may not push the pallet far enough to catch the rear beam or may push it too far and miss the front beam.

2)  To help with the above scenario, pallet support bars can be used to prevent misplaced pallets from falling through the rack.  Unfortunately, smaller items can still fall through.

3)  The pallet may be weak and collapse while in the pallet rack system.

Top 3 styles to consider when choosing to deck your racking.

Different decks are available for your needs:

1)  Plywood or wood – traditionally used in the past, and currently seen in small rack projects. This works well for Hand stack applications and the non use of a forklift.   This type of deck can be a fire hazard because fires can go undetected, and water from sprinkler systems cannot reach the fire if the sprinklers are not properly installed.

Top 3 styles to consider when choosing to deck your racking.

2)  Solid steel decking / corrugated decking – typically provides greater distributed weight capacity and allows product to easily slide on and off.  It can be stronger than wood and less expensive than wood and wire deck, but may also be a fire hazard. The Punch-Deck style is an Open Area hole pattern design, which allows the largest flow rate of sprinkler water to flow through the decking to levels below.

Top 3 styles to consider when choosing to deck your racking.

3)  Wire mesh decking – most commonly used today due to fire codes.  This type of deck allows sprinkler systems to reach lower levels, prevents accumulation of dirt and debris and provides easy identification of material on each level.


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