Protect Your Team and Your Pallet Rack Investment

Pallet racking increases warehouse efficiency and protects your employees — but it is also a significant investment. Though a substantial investment, pallet racking can operate for many years with little to no depreciation. To get the most from your pallet rack system, you must install your pallet rack correctly to avoid issues.

Incorrectly-installed racking and dislodged beams may lead to system failure. Such losses affect your employees as well as your investment. A failure can be a beam level collapsing or an entire system collapsing. The image below displays a beam level that collapsed because of a disengaged beam connector.

Beam disengagement
Sheared upright/pallet rack frame
Pallet rack damage
Crushed 2nd level beam

Each beam connector must be fully seated in the frame’s teardrop holes and the safety mechanism engaged. In this scenario, the 3rd beam level from the floor appeared fully connected, but it was not. When placed, the heavy load caused the beam level to collapse onto the 2nd beam level. 

A forklift driver may have dislodged this beam while lifting a load off the 2nd beam level since there is little clearance for lift-off. Many times, small bumps go unnoticed by the forklift driver. 

How Much Does it Cost to Install Pallet Racking?

We get asked, “how much does it cost to install pallet racking?” all the time. The best we can estimate (without customizing to you) is by pallet position. Pallet rack installation is charged by the number of pallet positions being installed and this number is different for every style of racking:

  • Standard selective rack installation typically costs $10-$15 per pallet position.
  • Drive-in rack installation is between $20-$25 per pallet position.
  • Pushback installation is between $30-$35 per position.
  • Pallet flow (requiring the most customization) typically costs $35-$50 per pallet position to install.

Please note: These numbers are general estimates and may fluctuate between installers and different projects. The application, abnormal travel, project size, or other conditions may affect the pallet rack installation cost.

How to Combat Pallet Rack Damage

Properly install the rack system

Proper pallet rack installation is critical and ALWAYS requires a professional. The image above is an example of the catastrophic damage that occurs with improper rack installation. One disengaged beam can bring down a shelf level or an entire system.

Beam spacing is another essential step in the rack installation process. Forklift drivers must have enough lift clearance to remove a load or risk hitting the beam above. 

Don’t overload the rack

Every pallet rack system is rated with a specific capacity limit. Overloading the beams poses a threat to your pallet racking, product, and personnel. Be sure to only load your racking with the proper weight to avoid any issues. 

Beam deflection occurs when pallet racking is overloaded. Although some beam deflection is normal, overloading the rack will cause abnormal and potentially threatening levels of deflection.

Perform regular pallet rack inspections

Inspecting your pallet rack and discussing safety precautions with your warehouse team is crucial. A warehouse racking inspection ensures the system remains operational if a forklift driver accidentally hits a beam level. The system must be reevaluated and repaired if damaged warehouse racking, missing components, or disengaged beams are present. 

Have Questions About Pallet Rack Installation?

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