What is Rivet Rack Shelving

Rivet rack shelving is a type of steel shelving for light-duty storage. Rivet shelving functions similarly to teardrop pallet racking. They both have punch holes on the uprights and welded rivets on the beams that slide and lock into place. Rivet shelving eliminates the need for bolts, safety clips, nuts, or other fasteners and can be assembled with a simple rubber mallet alone. 

Rivets are small, round metal knobs welded onto horizontal beams during manufacturing. These rivets lock into the holes on the uprights, creating a secure beam-to-frame connection for the boltless rivet shelves. 

Rivet shelving is a simple, no-hassle storage option for boxes and smaller items. Keep reading to learn more about rivet rack shelving, and get a quote today!

Rivet rack shelving

How Much Can Rivet Shelving Store?

Rivet rack shelving is a low-capacity storage option with capacities ranging from 250-1250 lbs per shelf level. Capacity limits change depending on the weight and size of the frames and beams and how thick the metal is. Additional supports have the potential to increase capacity.

You can often find low-capacity boltless shelving storing bankers boxes, hand-stacked products, and unpalletized material.

When to Choose Rivet Rack Shelving

Choose rivet rack shelving for low-capacity applications like garage storage and multi-SKU storage. Rivet racking is highly customizable for small parts storage and offers efficient organization. 

Add-ons like drawers, cabinets, dividers, and bins make storing and organizing small parts or SKU products like T-shirts, shoes, etc., easy. Keep reading to learn about the many customization options for rivet rack shelving.

Garages and warehouses that store miscellaneous, non-palletized items will benefit from easy access rivet rack shelving.

Rivet Shelving Manufacturers

We offer quality rivet rack shelving from a number of shelving manufacturers. See our rivet shelving manufacturers below:

Tennsco rivet rack shelving
Borroughs rivet rack shelving
Lyon rivet rack shelving
Hallowell rivet rack shelving
Tri-Boro rivet rack shelving
Western Pacific Storage Solutions rivet rack shelving
Penco rivet rack shelving

How to Customize Rivet Rack Shelving

Rivet shelving offers numerous configuration options, including varying storage levels, cabinets, workbenches, bins, dividers, decking, and more. 

For small parts storage like nuts and bolts, heavy-duty bins or drawers can help keep different pieces and sizes separate. Dividers, like hanging or standing shelf dividers, keep shelved materials neat and compartmentalized. 

The size and number of shelf levels are entirely up to you and your storage needs. Wire decks or particle boards can be added when decking is required. Wire decking allows light and water to pass through the shelf level and is a more robust decking option. Particle board prevents items from falling through the storage level.

Where to Buy Rivet Rack Shelving Wholesale

Where to buy rivet rack shelving wholesale? WPRP is a wholesale supplier of rivet shelving, industrial shelving, pallet racking, storage accessories, safety components, and more. Call 888-578-1579 today or fill out a quote form to connect with quality shelving units and components.